NEW TO GOLDEN? perhaps just visiting? 

Have you ever visited a new town, checked local maps, and done a ride -only to later talk with locals who said, "oh no, we NEVER ride that road... it's not safe, or it's not legal or there are other ways that are quiet and scenic..."   I know I have.  

It's hard to get the inside scoop on the locals' preferred routes...  But we try here.  Below are the routes, trails, paths and roads we recommend.  We try to link to maps or to MapMyRide or Strava so you can check the map before you head out. 


Road Rides

Listed in no particular order here are the must-ride routes for your skinny tires in, or departing from, Golden: 

1.  Lookout Mountain  (Strava Segment map here) +Lariat Loop  add-ons 

2.  Heritage Road to Highway 40 up from Conoco to the Buffalo, merge onto I-70, exit on Evergreen Pky, ride through Evergreen, down Hwy74 through Kittredge, Ideldale, Morrison, return to Golden via Rooney Road. Video tour here. Strava map here.

3.  Golden Gate Canyon -can include Crawford Gulch (and can be continued onto Hwy 119)/down Coal Creek Strava Map here. *for a monster ride you can continue on through Nederland and up into Estes Park!

4.  Golden Gran Fondo 60mile route.  7700 ft elev gain -be ready! Strava map here.

5.  Golden to Morrison via Rooney Road and Dinosaur Ridge, in and around Bear Creek Lake Park

6.  Extend #5 by riding through BCLP and Ken Caryl towards base of Deer Creek Canyon-then either head up the canyon, or head down/around Chatfield Res.  Strava map here.

7.  The trifecta departing Golden: #6 above, (optional around Chatfield), then up Deer Creek Canyon, up Parmalee Gulch, up Kerr Gulch, down Lookout Mtn returning to Golden (IT'S AS HARD AS IT SOUNDS). Example.

8. 50ish mile rolling terrain loop: Golden NB on Hwy 93 towards Boulder, EB on Marshall, NB on Cherryvale, EB on __? __  -through Louisville, south through Broomfield and Arvada.  Strava map here. Upload GPS file to your Garmin here.

Mountain/off road rides

Listed in no particular order here are the must-ride routes for your knobby tires in Golden:

1.  North Table Mountain video tour HERE

2.  South Table Mountain

3.  Apex

4.  Centennial Cone

5.  White Ranch

6.  Chimney Gulch

7.  Mount Falcon

8.  Dakota Ridge


*Strava Golden ride routes HERE

*MapMyRide Golden ride routes HERE

Coached rides

New to the Golden area or just visiting, and you'd prefer to have a local cyclist show you the routes?  We can do it!  Use the contact us page to schedule a ride or tour.